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General Classified Ad Information

General Information:
  • We only accept employment ads for legitimate municipal job openings.

  • Use appropriate language in your postings. All postings are reviewed before going ‘live’ on the site, and those with inappropriate or offensive language will not be accepted.

  • Allow at least one business day (Monday - Friday) for your posting to appear online. We do review postings before they’re allowed to go ‘live’, and we may need to contact you for clarification or verification before activation.

Information for posting employment ads:
  • The job name should be the position title or otherwise indicative of the responsibilities associated with the job you are posting. This can be in the form of the actual title or a phrase. It will be the ‘tag line’ representing your job posting in the list of all postings on file.

  • Job descriptions should disclose educational qualifications, job responsibilities, industry and/or work experience requirements, etc. Also relevant is information about the company and/or benefits, and the contact method you prefer job seekers to use. Compensation information may also be included here.

Billing Information:
  • We must have your complete billing information in order to post your ad. Please submit your name, organization's name, mailing address, and telephone number along with your ad information.